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Johnny J Moye short

“SEA PAY is a must read for anyone interested in the Navy way of life back when “sailors had more fun.”

Eric D Atno short

“I foolishly thought I knew everything about the US Navy.  “SEA PAY” blasted open a new door of experience and shed insane light on rarely told aspects of the insanity of life underway.”

Jeffrey Denny, EMCS (SW/DV), USN, Ret.

“Great Read! This Book brought me back to my first command while serving as a young sailor onboard the USS Midway CV-41…an accurate view back through the spy glass of time to what day to day life was like Stationed on Forward Deployed Aircraft Carrier…Every Day...

CWO Larry Fordyce, USN (Ret.)

“Your first set of orders and it says USS Midway Yokosuka, Japan. What mischief and adventure can a young lad get into on a floating city in the Far East? Bob tells his unique story for all to enjoy. This will have seasoned sailors reflecting how they earned...